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[MSEide-MSEgui-talk] Note for azerty keyboard user on Linux.


If you use a azerty keyboard (French for example), to type a number, you
have to do Shift+number.
On Windows, you may use the Maj key enabled and then you only need to type
the number alone.

On Linux this Maj feature is not enabled by default.

So you will have big problems, for example with the bookmark set/find on

To set a bookmark, you need to do Shift+Ctrl+number.
That is fine with Linux, it will work.

But to find a bookmark, you need to do Ctrl+number.
Sadly on Linux, it will not work because to do a number you need to press
the Shift key.

The solution is to enable, like in Windows, the Maj key for numbers.
And so to find a bookmark, just enable Maj key then do Ctrl+number.

Now to enable this Maj number feature you may customize your keyboard, like
explained here:

But there is a much simpler solution, just open your
parametres-clavier-disposition setup
and choose as language "Bambara" "Fran├žais (Mali, variante)" and set it as
first row in list.

Yes simpler and working solutions come often from Africa.


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